Books in Spain – Five novels read before the trip

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If you are traveling to Spain, you may think that there is sun, sand and Sangria.

This is the Spanish site that is often featured in the popular media, but if you want to know a little more about the country you're traveling to, then maybe it's time to turn to spanish books that spanish to life and tell you something about country difficult history.

It was not so long since Spain was divided into a bitter civil war and the subsequent fascism. It was not until the death of General Francisco Franco forty years in 1975 that the country was able to become a democratic country today.

You can learn how this Spaniard reads in these years reading the following novels

"Guernica" Dave Boling

Guernica is located in the northern part of the Basque region. In 1937 hundreds of people were killed when the city was bombed by German and Italian warplanes. This inspired Pablo Picasso to paint a picture of the event – a horror of images to help draw attention to the Spanish civil war. This novel is the story of the painting and people depicted in it. We have drifted into the life of the Ansogegui family during the war and in the devastating years of the war – we follow them when they try to make the conflict affect themselves and their loved ones. If you want to know more about the Basque people and the sections of history then this novel is ideal. Merce Rodoreda

Set in Barcelona before, during and after the Civil War, this novel follows Natalia's life through suffering and depression. It may be a tear, but it's also hope and survival tale. And when you go to Barcelona, ​​visit La Placa Del Diamant, the original Catalan title of the novel and the ultimate place in the novel. Antonio Munoz Molina "The Manuscript of the Ash"

This novel begins in the last year of Franco's power at the end of the 1960s. Minaya is an undergraduate student who was imprisoned for his role in the demonstration. He is fleeing the countryside to develop his thesis and immerse himself in a past story. It's a mystery, a love story, and the complexity and confusion of the civil war. CJ Sansom "Winter in Madrid"

As the title suggests, this place is a place of novel in the Spanish capital. English Harry Brett sent him to the British secret service to Madrid to spy on an old friend. In 1940, and Harry soon falls in love with the civil war in Spain's political complexity. There are, of course, two love stories as well … [Victoria] 1965. This novel is a strange blend of glitter and historical fiction. And although the style of writing can be considered a "beach reading", the subject is not. In the past and in the present mix, the novel depicts the war in Granada fearfully. He shows that civil war fights neighbors and even siblings against each other, while chaos destroys the lost dreams and relationships. If you visit Granada, this book is binding.

In any case, enjoy the fantastic lifestyle and culture that can be visited today in Spain, but if you really want to understand people on the journey, these books will help you. If you are into the history of a city or country, you can do a lot to improve your travels, why not read these novels and take this first step. And once that's done, there are plenty of books in Spain to reveal …

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