Travel Masturbation: the rules of the road

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It's not like a little trip to expanding man's horizons. Of course, when you travel alone, many people in one place or in another room find themselves alone in a hotel room and deal with a nice little masturbation. This is good for the health of the basic penis and is an excellent way to relieve low tension due to travel-related obstacles, so there is nothing wrong with it. But there are a few tips to keep in mind while masturbating on the road

1. Look at the porn channels. If you travel by business, remember that the company is reluctant to accept the vision of visual entertainment because it may masturbate. If you take advantage of the X-rated fare available on your television, make sure the charges are outside your private and corporate credit card.

2nd Be careful. It might be nice to have a guy somewhere where nobody knows, but that does not mean that you do not have to ignore other people in the hotel. It would be a little louder when he was spoiling the masturbation, but do not let the moan and the moan sound so loud that the children would hear them next door. And although the exhibition may be entertaining with the consent of adults just because nobody knows that a guy does not give him the right to enjoy the curtains.

3rd Discover. There is something about being alone in the hotel room, which makes a guy feel more adventurous. If a person tends to be a bit shy or masturbate, letting away from home is a way to try out new things. Take a little anal game, masturbate with another hand, using another lubricant that uses the genre of pornography used, loud talk, or anything else that is home-made

. Take advantage of the men's rooms. Traveling on the airplane often involves a lot of waiting time, especially when an aircraft is delayed for a couple of hours. Instead of being smoky and angry, take things. See if there is empty blank in the men's room, and if you do not have a waiting guy, spend a little time on releasing tension in a fun and enjoyable way

. Be careful on the road. If you are traveling by car in the long run, be careful when the urge to masturbate a strike. While many men masturbate while driving, this definition is confusion and can have serious consequences. You better go to the edge of the road, or find a resting place in a man's room, and you're masturbating. For those who insist on holding their hands on their penis rather than firmly on the wheel, slow down and try to make it through a small amount of traffic.

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