Environmental issues affecting the travel industry

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The protection of the environment is now one of the most widespread and most important topics in the world. Many companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create products or produce environmentally-friendly products. An example is the electric car, which is considered a viable solution to this gasoline-powered car. In 2009, world leaders met in Copenhagen to discuss ways to prevent global warming and reduce the effects of climate change in order to protect the environment. The travel sector has not been left out of this question either. In an industry where the number of people on international journeys in 2010 is expected to reach billions by 2010, there is concern about contributing to environmental damage. Just as with any other industry, the travel industry must be concerned about the way in which business is environmentally conscious. Below are some environmental issues that affect the travel industry that stakeholders need to address and in some cases find long-term solutions

. Hundreds of thousands of thousands of thousands of tourists in the world are a major concern for those who want to protect the environment. One of the industry's most important problems is the greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on climate change. Aviation accounts for at least two percent of the emissions. One of the ways in the aviation industry is to create this problem by designing new planes with fuel-efficient engines, which means less carbon emissions. However, not all airlines, especially in the poorer countries, can afford to buy new aircraft. Mass Tourism. As travel costs are cheaper and more and more people leave their country to places that were previously unavailable but now available for aviation, environmental and historic sites are getting crowded. This puts pressure on ecosystems in these areas and endangers the flora and fauna. Climate change also means that some places do not favor visitors because weather conditions are becoming extraneous, leading to overloading in other places with better weather conditions. This again poses a threat to ecosystems in overcrowded areas and tourism in the area

. Deforestation. Despite the worldwide call for environmental protection, there are still areas where huge logging is taking place. This contributes to the destruction of flora and fauna and is a threat to the tourism of these areas

. With the greening of all the world's industries, the tourism sector has not been left out. There is pressure on those in the industry to find sustainable and environmentally friendly business. For example, could the hotel industry build eco-friendly hotels? What methods can be used to save energy and reduce chemicals used to clean tons of laundry used in industry

5. Human intrusion. Growing populations around the world are now in competition between humans and animals. People now move to areas such as national parks that are protected and marked for wildlife. This has led to the killing of animals and animals by wild animals, which results in the hunting and killing of animals hunting for such hunting. This is endangering tourism in the area. Human intrusion also forces the animals to leave their habitat in areas where they can not survive, leading to the extinction of certain species

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