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If you are traveling to Vietnam, it is pretty much impossible to ignore the fact that the country has been in war for more than 20 years and when it comes to investigating Vietnamese books, it is just as difficult to get rid of most literary aspirations of war. There are several beautiful novels about Vietnam, but this election attempts to present a wide range of views that provide a broad perspective on the country and its history before your trip starts.

"Matterhorn" Karl Marlantes

Written in 1977 but only appeared in 2010 after more than thirty years of rejection, this novel is the "epic" and the first "great" novel about the Vietnam War. It does not differ from the realities of the war in this book as Lieutenant Waino Mellas and Bravo's Society are struggling to fight and the hardness of the jungle hills of South-East Vietnam.

"Saigon's Man" Marti Leimbach

Books on the Vietnam War were often written in male fashion, but we meet Susan Gifford, sent to Vietnam to write a human interest in the women's magazine war. While being rather naive, Gifford soon covers the actual conflict and Marc loves to meet his journalist. But if you think these books are a whimsical romance you are wrong – I have read very few books that it is immersed in war and fear of war like this. And while there is romance – the complications of Gifford's relationships, both Marc and the Vietnamese photographer, My Son, are the real emotional depth of this novel.

Duong Thu Huong "Unnamed novel"

is the North Vietnamese soldier? In this novel, we share the story of Quan's soldier who has been in war for ten years just to leave for a village that was much altered in his absence. The novel captures the disenchantment of Quan and the loss of innocence, which gives one side of the war, which we rarely reveal. Here we can see the "glory" of the case, which allows the movement of civilians, the hunger of the villagers and the inevitable crushing of families and relationships that are the result of a lasting conflict.

"Dragon House" John Shors

And now in modern Vietnam, where two Americans try to deal with their own past, it creates a center to take care of Vietnam street children. Upon arrival, the duo is confronted with the corruption and chaos of the city of Ho Chi Minh, and as a reader we treat all the sounds and odors that bring the streets to life. But those kids who steal their hearts in this novel have taken them with them while struggling in the turmoil they live in. This book is a story about love, hope, and salvation that is a huge reminder of the legacy of past conflicts.

Uyen Nicole Duong "The Daughters of the Huong River"

For four generations, this is a book that goes far back to the richness of Vietnamese history before we reach the country today through colonization and war. Reported by a political refugee arriving in the United States at the age of fourteen, this novel tells a family of Vietnamese women and thus reflects the nation's struggle.

If you want to go to Vietnam, you will visit a country that is particularly fascinated by the West – it is impossible to travel from Vietnam without facing the colonization and the role of war. Feel yourself in these novels and you will only be able to better understand the people who are going to Vietnam today.

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