10 Swedish myths uncovered

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In 1649, on the second of those occasions, a combined force of Irish Confederates and Anglo-Irish Royalists had been routed by Dublin’s English Parliamentarian garrison in the Battle of Rathmines, fought on town’s southern outskirts. Protestants grew to become a majority in Dublin in the 1640s, when 1000’s of them fled there to flee the Irish Rebellion of 1641. When the city was subsequently threatened by Irish Catholic forces, the Catholic Dubliners had been expelled from the city by its English garrison. In the 1640s, the city was besieged twice in the course of the Irish Confederate Wars, in 1646 and 1649.

During a lot of the post-warfare era, the country was ruled by the Swedish Social Democratic Party largely in cooperation with commerce unions and trade. The government actively pursued an internationally aggressive manufacturing sector of primarily massive corporations.

The rate of exposure to sexual offences has remained relatively unchanged, based on the SCS, since the first survey was performed in 2006, regardless of an increase within the variety of reported intercourse crimes. This discrepancy can largely be explained by reforms in intercourse crime laws, widening of the definition of rape, and an effort by the Government to decrease the number of unreported instances. In SCS 2013, 0.eight per cent of respondents state that they had been the victims of sexual offences, together with rape; or an estimated sixty two,000 people of the overall inhabitants (aged 16–79). Of these, 16 per cent described the sexual offence as “rape” — which might mean roughly 36,000 incidents of rape in 2012. In February 2018, criminologist Jerzy Sarnecki acknowledged in an interview with magazine Forskning & Framsteg that the rising levels of gun crime in Sweden had taken him, Swedish criminologists generally and police in Sweden by surprise.


Christianity came to Sweden as early because the ninth century primarily because of an enlargement in trade. Several centuries later all monarchs were Christian and Christianity grew to become the established official faith. The church belonged to the Catholic Church till 1527 when the Swedish state church was established as a Protestant church primarily swedish hot girls based on Lutheran rules, following the Protestant Reformation enacted by Martin Luther which converted most of Germanic Europe. The Lutheran Church of Sweden was formed and remained the official faith of the Christian state till the flip of the twenty first century.

Membership of the European Central Bank’s Banking Union

The longship had an extended, slender hull and shallow draught to facilitate landings and troop deployments in shallow water. Longships were used extensively by the Leidang, the Scandinavian defence fleets.

Except for the province of Skane, on the southernmost tip of Sweden which was underneath Danish control throughout this time, feudalism by no means developed in Sweden as it did in the rest of Europe. Therefore, the peasantry remained largely a class of free farmers all through most of Swedish historical past.

The Saxon defeat resulted in their compelled christening and the absorption of Old Saxony into the Carolingian Empire. Fear of the Franks led the Vikings to additional broaden Danevirke, and the defence constructions remained in use throughout the Viking Age and even up until 1864. Early on, it was the Saxons who occupied Old Saxony, located in what’s now Northern Germany.

The last main Swedish Viking expedition appears to have been the unwell-fated expedition of Ingvar the Far-Travelled to Serkland, the area south-east of the Caspian Sea. Its members are commemorated on the Ingvar Runestones, none of which mentions any survivor.

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The largest single IRA operation in Dublin during the battle got here on 25 May 1921, the IRA Dublin Brigade burned down The Custom House, certainly one of Dublin’s finest buildings, which housed the headquarters of local government in Ireland. Five IRA men were killed and over eighty captured within the operation, which was a publicity coup but a army disaster for the IRA. The bloodiest single day of those “troubles” (as they have been known at the time) in Dublin was Bloody Sunday on 21 November 1920, when the Michael Collins’ “Squad” assassinated 18 British brokers (see Cairo gang) across the metropolis within the early hours of the morning. The British forces retaliated by opening hearth on a Gaelic football crowd in Croke Park in the afternoon, killing 14 civilians and wounding sixty five.

Vikings used the Norwegian Sea and Baltic Sea for sea routes to the south. The Normans were descended from Vikings who got feudal overlordship of areas in northern France—the Duchy of Normandy—in the 10th century. In that respect, descendants of the Vikings continued to have an influence in northern Europe. Likewise, King Harold Godwinson, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, had Danish ancestors.

Every yr on “Black Monday”, the Dublin citizens would march out of town to the spot the place the atrocity had occurred and raise a black banner in the course of the mountains to problem the Irish to battle in a gesture of symbolic defiance. This was nonetheless so harmful that, till the 17th century, the individuals had to be guarded by town militia and a stockade against “the mountain enemy”. Not all of the Norse arriving in Ireland and Great Britain came as raiders. Many arrived with families and livestock, typically in the wake of the capture of territory by their forces.

Kalmar Union

The penetration of Christianity into Scandinavia led to severe battle dividing Norway for almost a century. The Vikings witnessed the violent subduing of the Saxons by Charlemagne, in the thirty-year Saxon Wars in 772–804.

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