Short introduction to New Zealand

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New Zealand consists of two northern and southern archipelagos, with further northern islands, the Antipodes Islands, the Auckland Islands, the Bounty Islands, Campbell Island, Chatham Islands and Kermadec Islands

Guide New Zealand history

According to Maori's history, Polynesian Maori were the new settlers in New Zealand, they came and settled around 800, until 1840, when the Maori bosses entered the Waitangi convention with Great Britain. In the Treaty, the Queen's sovereignty was handed over but retained territorial rights. Following the Treaty, Great Britain began the first organized colonial settlement in New Zealand in the same year. [18] Between 1839 and 1872, New Zealand wars followed the contradictory ground demands. The indigenous people have been defeated and the New Zealand government has since paid compensation, but the whole question remains debatable to this day. In 1907, the New Zealand British colony became an independent ruler and always supported the United Kingdom by military means – especially in the two world wars

Geography, Economics and Climate

New Zealand is a geographically breathtaking country with glacial shrubs with pinnacles, , thermal springs, subtropical pools, etc. from surfing to fishing and climbing.

New Zealand's economy is largely dependent on agriculture, but in recent years it has also benefited from the novel film industry, and in many of the major Hollywood films, and the fact that the direct result of its tourism sector has increased. Other sources of income from the country come from the export of wool, sheep and milk products, wood and paper products

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