I like Pakistan or My Motherland or My Country Pakistan

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General description

People live in the community as other creatures because they are social animals. Social creation and human life are different from other living things. They love to read the family well furnished home, car and lead a happy life. People strive to be consistent with others. They love the community and the country where the family and the people live. The nation is the home of their family and country. Thus is the country's most powerful passion, respect and love country and natural object

Love with country

I love Pakistan because it has given me all this. My country, my country and my love are my blood and my soul. This country taught me, nourished and protected from all limitations. I gave it all. This is my ancestor's land, who liked it too. This is my ancient motherland, and it is rich in every centimeter of sweat and blood in the soil. Their bones were buried here. They have become part of this land. This is the most valuable and sacred to me. I love my heart and soul.

Pakistan climate

Pakistan is the gift of Al Might Allah to us in this world, Pakistan's land is full of natural resources. Regardless, Pakistan has four seasons, which is Allah's unique gift, ie summer, winter, autumn and spring. Pakistan's climate is very good during the year.

Location of Pakistan

Pakistan is not just a piece of land for me. It is located in the important and strategically correct corner of the world. Pakistan's unique form all over the world. It is a small country, but it has the lowest and highest places in the world.

Unique tools

Pakistan is our past, our present and our future. This is a new state in the political sense, but is actually a thousand years old Indus Valley civilization. This is the land, light and castle of Islam. My people have lived here for centuries. Unfortunately, a foreign country conquered this decent land. They had been held for many years and the bonds of their offspring. His men have fought all their time to free their mother tongue.


Pakistan's people and leadership have offered great sacrifices to the country. Each drop of the powder is colored with the blood of our ancestors. We pay a great price for it, and we are all ready to pay even bigger prices for freedom if needed. This is our country and our country. This is the most beautiful for all our lands.


Pakistan is a valuable and valuable gift from Al Mighty Allah. Currently, it faces a number of challenges in the form of terrorism, foreign and internal challenges. We need to be protected from all sorts of challenges and we love hard work, sincerity and honesty.

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