Haitian Heavenly Army

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Amee Celeste (the Heavenly Army) is a Haitian religious cult. I admit here and now that I have not seen the most I will describe in this paper. In general, outsiders are not able to see every exercise of the Heavenly Army because of the secret of the movement. It should also be noted that intracranial exercises vary by group. This is not a standard practice and belief, but there are many aspects that all groups seem to incorporate.

Some are outraged that the Heavenlies are described as the interrelationship between Pentecostalism and Voudou. Some do not want an outsider description at all. This is part of the Haitian culture that is mysterious (as well as the culture of imitation, survival and animism). The mysterious culture does not want to understand the outsiders' understanding. So the movement of the Heavenly Army is a Haitian, and the Haitians do not want to understand. This is their own, and they want to keep it.

So how do I know about A & Aee Celeste? I've been spending enough time in Haiti to develop a friendly network that trusts me to tell a lot about Haitian, including the Heavenly Army. These facts about the Heavenly Army are therefore more anecdotal than proven and observed facts.

Like many cultures, the Heavenly Army groups wear robe to identify their loyalty. Most of the robe chooses a blue dress. This is a point that needs to be done in a poor country like Haiti, all the money they need, rather for food and needs than costumes. However, to be honest, people who participate in Protestant churches also feel the need to dress up in Sunday clothes. Shoes, trousers (or clothes), without holes, and a white shirt also cost the poor in Haiti. It seems that religion is always expensive for the poor.

Armee Celeste uses the original American music rather than the ecclesiastical music of American and other cultural Christian groups. This is different from traditional Haitian Christianity.

I forgot to do this: Haitians quickly and vigorously say that the celestial movement is Haitian. They say that they know from outside that they do not believe they have to defend the Heavenly Army. And part of the Heavenly Army is uniquely haitian, music. The outsiders want to link this music and Voudou, but the leaders of the movement respond (if they are interested in answering) that they are only a Haitian phenomenon of their faith in God.

It is said that pastors (leaders) often activate the Holy Spirit by touching the victims of women by touching the sexual organs. It is said that sometimes one person recovered by kicking the patient with sticks.

What I am now confident that once I visited a group of L & # 39; Amee Celeste, the pastor called the platform as it would have happened in all Haitian Protestant churches. And while I was there, I did not see any exceptional exercises she'd been told about. This is the main reason I feel good when I say that you are not interested in the Haitian origin of outsiders.

Or maybe I gave accurate information to my Haitian friends. All things are possible in Haiti.

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