Tips for body building for K2 adventure

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Whether planning a K2 camp hiking or climbing passion to try to climb the second highest mountain on the ground, you must be prepared to fight against all odds of nature. Pakistan's highest mountain climbing or camping trip is not a rookie adventure

When Pakistan's Karakorum climbs to 8,611 meters in height, air will be thinner, oxygen will be less available and breathing becomes harder. Also famous as the wild mountain that tries to kill you, K2 is a serious risk for both trekker and veteran mountaineer; but increases the risk of passionate mountain climbers as they go up the hill

High disease, acute mountain syndrome and pulmonary edema are common health risks associated with almost all kinds of adventures, but common sense suggests that these risks are higher for mountain climbers for those who are at the top of K2, like adventure enthusiasts who simply want to go to the wild mountain camp. It is important to understand that high-altitude health complications, as mentioned above, can be life-threatening.

The good news, though, is to acclimatize and prepare the body to cope with environmental factors and function even if there is a lack of oxygen to minimize altitude risks. Below you will find some tips to get ready to go to K2 and go to K2 Camp:

• Get started and acclimatize at least two months before the adventure. This is especially important because your body needs at least 60 days for high altitude acclimatization. • Visit your doctor and get a full body test when you start preparing and training. Your doctor may advise you to perform some laboratory tests. If you are fit for adventure, your doctor will give you a green signal.

• During your training, make sure you are hiking and hiking as often as possible, starting with lower altitudes and progressing to higher altitudes if possible and accessible. At each stage of the training, be sure to increase the distance and height so that the body and lungs work at high altitudes and under strong conditions.

• If possible, start the interval because it is one of the most effective methods for strengthening the cardiovascular system. This involves dramatically increasing the heart rate and then allowing it to regain before increasing it again. Running on a steeper mountain or faster sprint can help the cardiovascular system to adventure K2.

• Developing breathing pattern in high airspace during respiratory progression, deep inhalation and exhalation. This training helps you cope with low oxygen through K2, allowing you to control and maintain your breathing capacity. Exercising deep breathing can also save you from height to height.

• Never miss a workout because it is very important to stay safe and fit for a K2 raise or saving to the K2 Camp.

K2 Mountaineering or K2 Field Trip is a very exciting, rich, adventurous and fabulous experience for you, but only if you are in good health and have prepared your body for adventure. It has also been observed that proper hydration is an important factor in the adventures of the Karakorum Mountains.

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